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Japan - Konnichiwa My Skin - a sensual journey to the Land of the Rising Sun,  of the polish brand Phlov - A set for the care of delicate and sensitive skin!

Sensitive or couperose skin requires well-thought-out care. This set will take care of its needs holistically and provide protection against unfavourable external factors. This is professional and precise support that you can trust! The combination of jasmine, verbena and cedar aromas is not accidental. The Japanese use edible verbena to decorate their meals, and one of the symbols of the Land of the Rising Sun is the over 20-meter-high sacred cedar tree Jomon Sugi.

The set includes:

1. Synbiotic cleansing foam ABSOLUTE PURE (NESS) 150ml

A modern metropolis bustling with life 24 hours a day - that's Tokyo. A truly urban cosmetic that can keep up with this pace of life is this foam that will gently but effectively cleanse the skin of dust, heavy metals and environmental pollutants. In turn, the addition of a prebiotic and probiotic will support and protect its natural microflora and help to more effectively face the challenges of a big city.

2. Liposomal rejuvenating booster MOOD'FLUENCER 30ml

Contains natural extract of diatomaceous algae. It reduces the over-reactivity of the skin, soothes redness and supports its natural microflora. It also contains organic birch sap - a real Japanese delicacy, considered an elixir of youth. This ingredient gives an immediate and long-lasting moisturizing effect, it also reduces the feeling of tight skin and the discomfort associated with it.

3. Ultra-moisturizing adaptogenic cream SMART SPLASH 50ml

It will support the skin in the fight, among others with smog, free radicals and the effects of UV radiation. In addition, the complex of three hyaluronic acids contained in it will provide it with multi-level hydration. It is the perfect end to your beauty ritual.

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