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Alkemie Równoważący Booster Odstresowujący Take Your Time - Vesa Beauty
Save £7.49
Lullalove Best before 28/02/22 Salt Body Scrub with Wax and Collagen 200g - Lullalove
Save £3.70
La-Le Best before 19/02/2022 Foot Serum 30ml - La-Le
La-Le La-Le Best before 08/03/2022 Foot Serum 30ml
Sale price£6.29 Regular price£9.99
Save £1.50
Shy deer Tonik Nawilżająco-Odświeżający - Vesa Beauty
Save £4.49
Four Starlings Best Before 02/03/2022 Duckling Skin Care Oil 100ml - Cztery Szpaki
Save £6.50
Mokosh Best Before 22/02/2022 Brightening body elixir Orange & Cinnamon 100ml - Mokosh
Save £3.49
Mokosh Best Before 04/2022 Rosemary Essential Oil 10ml - Mokosh
Save £3.49
Mokosh Best Before 27/03/2022 Fir Needle Essential Oil 10ml - Mokosh
Save £4.49
Lullalove Kwas Hialuronowy 3% 30ml - Vesa Beauty
Save £2.69
La-Le Best Before 15/03/22 Face Souffle with Pink Clay and Black Cumin Oil 30ml - La-Le
Save £4.99
La-Le Serum Booster do Twarzy ze Stoechiolem 1% i Adenozyną 1% 30ml - Vesa Beauty
Save £4.29
La-Le Serum-Booster z Bakuchiolem 30ml - Vesa Beauty


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LEVANN Food Suplement Immunity 30 capsules - Foods by Ann
TARGROCH Student mix 500g - TARGROCH
Senkara Avocado - Moisturizing Face Mask 60g - Senkara


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BeBio Szampon do Włosów Przetłuszczających się - Vesa Beauty
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Be Raw Probiotic Cookie Krem Orzechowy - Vesa Beauty
Be Raw Be Raw Probiotic Cookie Nut Cream 20g
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Foods by Ann Mus Kokosowy Ekologiczny - Vesa Beauty


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LaQ Rich body butter - Praline 200ml - LaQ
LaQ LaQ Rich body butter - Praline 200ml
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Four Starlings Soap Rosemary and Tangerine 110g - Cztery Szpaki Four Starlings Soap Rosemary and Tangerine 110g - Cztery Szpaki
BasicLab Moisturizing Body Lotion 250ml - BasicLab
HempKing 1% Salve Ointment 50ml - Hemp King
Save £3.00
Pure by Clochee Body Balm Shape Perfection 150ml - Pure by Clochee


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TARGROCH California Dried Prune Juice 330ml - TARGROCH
Save £0.40
Purella Miechunka BIO - Vesa Beauty
Purella Superfoods Purella Goldenberry BIO 45g
Sale price£1.45 Regular price£1.85
Be Raw Kids Banana with crisps Jelly Beans 35g - Be Raw
Pasieki Sadowskich Eucalyptus honey 450g - Pasieki Sadowskich
15x Be Raw Energy Bar Banana&Nuts 40g 14+1 FREE - Be Raw
TARGROCH Roasted chickpeas 500g - TARGROCH
TARGROCH Spelled flakes 500g - Vesa Beauty
15x Be Raw Energy Apple Pie Bar 40g 14+1 FREE - Be Raw


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Herbs & Hydro Conditioner Bar Plum in Can 40g - Herbs & Hydro
Phlov Coloured hair Mask LISTEN TO YOUR HAIR 200ml - Phlov
Ministerstwo Green Tea - Hair & Body Bar 85g - Ministerstwo
Herbs & Hydro Shampoo Bar Raspberry in Can 55g - Herbs & Hydro
Save £2.50
Biolaven Red Grape Vinegar Rinse 150ml - Biolaven
Biolaven Biolaven Red Grape Vinegar Rinse 150ml
Sale price£5.49 Regular price£7.99
Four Starlings Sensitive Shampoo Bar 75g - Cztery Szpaki Four Starlings Sensitive Shampoo Bar 75g - Cztery Szpaki
LaQ Nourishing hair mask - Kitten Peony 250ml - LaQ
Lullalove Serum for hair and ends 30ml - Lullalove
Sylveco Conditioning Shampoo with Betulin 300ml - Sylveco


Our company's mission is conscious shopping, we have created a place where each individual product is safe, and you would not have to worry about its ingredients. Products on our website do not contain any potentially harmful ingredients. Our focus on choosing products with natural ingredients and the best quality products makes us one of a kind in the cosmetics world :).

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The idea for the store was born when Beata started to be interested in the composition of cosmetics, exploring the knowledge of long, rarely recognizable ingredient names used on labels. Finding a store where you can do quiet shopping without reading the product label turned out to be impossible. We always find a "natural" cosmetic whose composition leaves much to be desired. And that's how the Vesa Beauty website was created. The technical side of the website is managed by Patryk, if not for this whole project would not exist. Mutual complementation in business and private life allowed us to create this unique store  :)...