Pasieki Sadowskich Honey with Ginger and Garlic 430g

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Honey with Ginger and Garlic 430g,  Pasieki Rodziny Sadowskich - A combination of the sweetness of honey, the freshness of ginger and the spiciness of garlic!!

Creamy multiflorous honey with the addition of dried ginger and garlic. It contains 5% ginger and 2% garlic. A ready-made recipe for people who drink honey with hand-added garlic and ginger every day, which supports the body in difficult moments. What's more - many people admire the seemingly controversial combination of the sweetness of honey, the freshness of ginger and the sharpness of garlic. A sweet and spicy combination perfect for colds.

Properties of honey with ginger and garlic:

- has a warming, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect,

- retains all the properties of multi-flower honey,

- honey with ginger and garlic used regularly strengthens immunity,

- lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels,

- helps in the fight against colds.

Honey with garlic - an unusual combination

There is hardly a person who would not have an opinion about honey with garlic. Love or hate honey with garlic! These strong feelings are the result of the amazing taste obtained by adding two magical ingredients to natural multiflorous honey - real garlic and ginger. Honey with garlic will interest everyone with its taste, and true connoisseurs will surely attract their fans to the site - its characteristic, sweet and spicy taste cannot be forgotten! It is worth remembering that just like honey, both garlic and ginger have bactericidal properties, they help fight colds and flu - that's why honey with garlic is the best way to immunity.

Natural bee honey crystallizes. Honey can crystallize from a few days to a year depending on the species. You can bring it back to a liquid form by heating it to 40°C, but protect it from sunlight on a daily basis and do not store it at a temperature higher than 18°C.

If you are buying a larger supply, store them in a cool and dark place.

Ingredients: nectar multiflower honey 93%, dried ginger 5%, dried garlic 2%

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