Nowa Kosmetyka Fresh home mist "Running on a sunny meadow" 150ml

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Fresh home mist "Running on a sunny meadow" 150ml, of the polish brand Nowa Kosmetyka - A spice for everyday life and a bit of heaven in the ordinary world!

The mist is made of natural absolutes and essential oils dissolved in a mixture of alcohol and water that helps the fragrance to spread and develop. No synthetic compositions.

"Running on a sunny meadow" has the vigor of herbs warmed by the rays of the summer sun. It is a bit of relaxation both for those who enjoy the home space here and now, as well as for those who are already planning another trip to the open air with its romantic aroma.

Main notes: field mint, chamomile, lavender, vanilla

The mist is encased in dark glass that protects precious oils and absolutes from deterioration. The mist is equipped with a convenient sprayer.

Directions for use:

It is enough to spray the mist several times in the air. You can easily increase the intensity of the fragrance by using more.

Spray the mist indoors, not on the skin. It will give a fragrance to curtains and home textiles, but avoid covering delicate materials such as silk and varnished surfaces.

Composition: ethyl alcohol, water, essential oils: mint, lavender and German chamomile, vanilla absolute, propylene glycol, limonene *, linalool *, anisyl alcohol *, farnesol *, benzyl benzoate *, ethyl benzoate *

* ingredients naturally occurring in essential oils that may cause an allergic reaction

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