Nowa Kosmetyka Hop Shampoo Bar 75g

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Nowa Kosmetyka Hop Shampoo Bar (75g)

The ankle shampoo is a new classic. However, the solid form has its requirements, for example a large amount of washing agent, which does not necessarily match the needs of dry hair and skin. Therefore, it is worth taking advantage of the goodness of nature and replacing some of the classic washing agents with rye flour, which absorbs dirt well and ties the hair and leaves it smooth and soft? This is exactly what was done to create this gentle cube.

The cubes take up little space, are efficient, convenient for travel and the packaging is recyclable.


- Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate is a cleansing agent and one of the mildest anionic detergents. It is based on the fatty acids of coconut oil, and the primary function of the shampoo is, of course, cleansing.

- Rye flour, in addition to the moisturizing effect that is due to polysaccharides, also absorbs impurities, and even washes the hair itself (thanks to the content of natural detergents - saponins)

- Cetyl alcohol keeps the hair moist, protects it and smoothes it

- Nourishing linseed oil, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, rebuilds the lipid coat of the hair. High porosity hair, dry and demanding, especially like it.

- A beer that adds volume and provides a conditioning cocktail of humectants and proteins. We will only reassure you that we are getting rid of alcohol from it.

- The juice of the rose hips is moisturizing and at the same time reliably acidic, thanks to which it leaves the hair shiny and soft.

- Radish fermentation one of the few ingredients with a preservative effect that is so natural and so moisturizing at the same time!

- Squalane emollient, an ingredient extracted from olive oil: silky, smooth, nourishing, but also light. It works wonders on the face, and it works equally well in the hair.

- The essential oil of sweet orange gives the cube a delicate, pleasant fragrance

Directions for use:

Rub on damp scalp and hair. Massage and rinse with water.

“I am gentle by nature, so I don't foam very much. However, I can assure you that I am doing quite well with the washing and I am giving my hair a good life! I will tell you that once you wet me and my hairstyle, it will be easiest to apply me directly to the skin and hair.

Bar shampoos, just like the liquid ones, can also be used in dilution, washing your hair using the "cup method" - just soak me in water for a long time, take a little of the product off and mix it.

Inci: Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Secale Cereale Seed Flour, Cetyl Alcohol, Linum Usistatissimum Seed Oil, Beer, rosa Canina Fruit Juice, Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, Squalane, Citrus Aurantium Seed Oil, Limonene*

* naturally occurring in essential oil

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