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Four Starlings Serum/Oil for High Porosity Hair 30ml

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Four Starlings Serum/Oil for High Porosity Hair (30ml) Porosity is the degree to which the cuticles are open. - Hair in good condition with close...

Four Starlings Serum/Oil for High Porosity Hair (30ml)

Porosity is the degree to which the cuticles are open.

- Hair in good condition with close-fitting cuticles is LOW POROSITY.

- Hair with a slightly raised cuticle is MEDIUM POROSITY hair.

- Hair that is very damaged and stressed, with strongly protruding cuticles, is HIGH POROSITY.

Oils have different particles and hair has differently raised cuticles. The oils and scales must come together so that they fit together. Some oils are suitable for low porosity hair (those with small particles), others for medium porosity (medium oil particles), others for high porosity (large oil particles). Therefore, the oil should be matched to the degree of hair porosity. Otherwise, we will do them more harm than good: either we overburden the hair or we don't puff it up.

How to check hair porosity?

It is enough to put the hair in a glass of water and wait about 5 minutes. The more it sinks, the more porous the hair is. If it falls completely to the bottom, it means that its scales are very parted and it is absorbing water quickly. It is therefore highly porous. Medium porosity hair dives about halfway, and low porosity hair floats on the surface or only submerges slightly (closed cuticles do not allow them to soak up water quickly).

What does hair oiling give you?

The benefits of hair oiling include: regeneration and strengthening, in-depth hydration and nourishment, softness and shine, easier combing, protection against harmful external factors and mechanical damage, protection of hair against protein loss.

Active ingredients and their action:

- Safflower oil improves circulation in the scalp, thus stimulating hair growth and giving strength to the hair follicles.

- Wheat germ oil relaxes, moisturizes and smoothes dry and brittle hair, prevents split ends. It nourishes the bulbs and reduces the overproduction of sebum, reducing the problem of greasy hair.

- Watermelon seed oil prevents excessive water loss, maintaining the proper level of hydration of the hair and the stratum corneum.

- Cottonseed oil due to the ideal proportions of unsaturated fatty acids, the presence of phytosterols and a large amount of vitamin E, cotton seed oil is invaluable in the care of high porosity hair. It will deeply moisturize even heavily damaged and dry hair that has lost its vitality and elasticity, takes care of the scalp, regulating the level of its hydration, and even helps to deal with the dry form of dandruff. Cottonseed oil will not let your hair turn gray prematurely and regenerate it, preventing brittleness and preventing damaged strands from crumbling. Cottonseed oil has the advantage of large, non-penetrating particles which, apart from deep regeneration, are able to protect the strands against any adverse factors affecting the hair.

- Grape seed oil has a soothing and regenerating effect. It helps in the fight against dandruff, psoriasis, excessive sebum production and oily hair. In addition, the product regulates the work of the sebaceous glands and provides the scalp with a natural pH. Grape seed oil protects hair against harmful factors from the external environment. It also protects the hair and scalp against solar radiation, chemical and mechanical damage, and frequent hairdressing treatments (dyeing, drying, straightening). The cosmetic covers each hair with a moisturizing coating, which additionally ensures smoothness and shine. The product helps to detangle and style the hair, and tame even the most undisciplined strands.

- Camellia oil is recommended for people with badly damaged hair. The oil cares for the hair follicles and bulbs and strengthens the strands along their entire length.

Directions for use:

1. Spread a few drops of the oil with your hands over the entire length of dry or wet hair and massage into the scalp. Leave the serum on your hair for at least 1-3 hours or overnight if you wash your head in the morning. Then wash your hair as usual. We use this treatment every second wash 1-2 times a week.

Note: A few drops of serum are really enough. You should not use it too much, it will not accelerate the regeneration of the hair and, on the contrary, it will overburden it and make it greasy.

The first effects will be visible after the first use. Hair will be smoother, softer to the touch and shiny. However, we recommend using it regularly for 2-3 months, which is the time when the serum will fully regenerate our hair.

Porosity may change during the treatment, which is a very good symptom. eg High porosity hair will change to medium porosity. Then the appropriate serum should be applied.

2. After washing the head, a small amount of the product can be applied to the wet ends of the hair and let the hair dry.

Inci: Vitis vinifera (grape) seed oil, carthamus tinctorius seed oil, gossypium (cotton) seed oil, citrullus vulgaris (watermelon) seed oil, tritium vulgare (wheat) germ oil, camelia sinensis leaf extract and helianthus annuus (sunflower) oil, oleum lavendula officials, pelargonium graveolens flower oil, linalool*, citronellool*, geraniol*.

* ingredients of natural essential oils

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