Ziółka z Sojatu Indian indigo Indigofera tinctoria for dyeing brown and black 100g

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Indian indigo Indigofera tinctoria for dyeing brown and black 100g, by Ziółka z Sojatu - High-quality indigo that gives the hair natural browns and expressive blacks!

What is indigo and how does it work?

It is a powder from the leaves of the Indigofera tinctoria plant, which is mixed with distilled water (so that the minerals contained in ordinary water do not block the dye) and an alkaline additive such as soda or salt. It gives off a navy blue dye that only stains for up to 3 hours. Mixes with henna give browns.

Indigo dye does not bind permanently to our hair at first, but it does not mean that it has to be rinsed off completely. Indigo gives hair an amazing navy blue glow and nourishes it. After dyeing, the hair stays fresher for much longer than after a regular washing of the head, it is lifted at the roots and has more volume. It acts as a natural, gentle mechanical scrub for the scalp. You can see thickening of the hair.

Can indigo be brightened?

Unfortunately, due to its color, indigo is not the best idea for lightening, so it is suitable for people who do not like to experiment with paints. Otherwise, you can get an algae (green glow) on the hair, which is very difficult to cover. You have to bear in mind that after the first dyeing, indigo can bite into your hair. You can try to remove indigo with borasol, cola, rice water or penetrating oils.

Directions for use:

Before applying indigo, wash your hair with a strong shampoo (sls, sles) without silicones to cleanse the hair of all impurities.

Pour the powder into a bowl, pour in distilled water to obtain the consistency of a pudding and add some baking soda or salt. Lumps may appear at first. It's normal. You can set the paste aside, blend it to get rid of the lumps, although in my experience indigo is more "coarse" and has little tendency to clump.

As with any herb after such dyeing, the hair may temporarily dry out, this is also normal, it is not a sign of hair damage. To prevent excessive drying of the hair during dyeing, the paste can be mixed not with distilled water, but on linseed glutton boiled in distilled water, and sprinkle with powdered fenugreek (great for growth and volume), which also has moisturizing properties.

We keep from 0.5 to 3 hours, the longer we have indigo on our head, the longer the dye penetrates our hair and the color effect will be better / darker.

As it is a herbal powder, after applying it, you should put a foil cap on the head, a plastic bag, or wrap the head with cling film so that the paste does not dry out (it will not stain it when it dries). It is best to put an old hat on your head to keep the herb warm, because then it dyes your hair better.

The paste should be rinsed well with a strong stream of plenty of water. Do not wash it off with shampoos or conditioners, and wait 48 hours for the next wash - the dye must oxidize.

Due to the fact that indigo only stains for up to 3 hours, freezing it does not make sense. With hendigo (henna + indigo), you can freeze it, but after defrosting, only henna will be active, add a new indigo.

How to prepare a mixture for bronze?

Before applying the mixture, it is good to apply only henna, indigo sticks to the hair much better on the henna foundation.

We mix each herb separately, do not acidify the henna, mix it and leave it to extract the dye. When it's time to apply the paste on the hair in a separate bowl, mix indigo according to the previous instructions and then combine both herbs with each other. It can then be applied to the hair.

Set aside the henna for 6-12 hours.

Add indigo powder or already mixed with salt.

Mixed herbs. You can now apply to washed hair.

The herbs are packed in biodegradable and ecological packaging that meets the American ASTM D-6868 and D-6400 standards, with care for the environment!

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