Ziółka z Sojatu Indian Henna Rajasthani BAQ for dyeing red/reddish-brown 100g

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Indian Henna Rajasthani BAQ for dyeing red/reddish-brown 100g, of the brand Ziółka z Sojatu - High-quality henna from India that gives your hair an amazing condition and unusual color!

What is henna and how does it work?

Henna is a powder from the leaves of the Lawsonia inermis plant that is mixed with distilled water (so that the minerals in ordinary water do not block the dye) and then releases a red red dye. Its shades can be controlled with additives such as black mallow or hibiscus infusion, paprika, beetroot, turmeric, acerola, linden teas, chamomile and many, many more.

The henna dye (lawson) permanently binds to our hair (proteins in general), filling the cavities, thickening them and giving them an amazing shine. Repeatedly applied henna protects the hair against mechanical damage. Lawson is a natural UV filter so your hair is not damaged by the sun. Once applied, henna stays on the hair and there is no problem with rinsing off the color. Henna hair stays fresher for much longer than after a regular shampooing, has more volume and is reflected at the roots. It acts as a natural, gentle mechanical scrub for the scalp.

Can henna be lightened?

Of course! However, after many layers, the dye can bite into the hair so much that it will not be possible to lighten it completely. Green hair is a myth! The green color cannot arise because henna is reddish red. This myth originated from the blends of henna with navy blue indigo, which when lightened can actually give algae (green glow) on the hair. Often the unwanted color is created by lack of information - many manufacturers of indigo herbal blends call it henna "of some color" without emphasizing the presence of indigo and the possible effects that lightening may cause.

Henna Rajasthani BAQ:

This product is a high-quality, five-sieved powder, thanks to which it is perfectly applied to the hair and gels, it obtains a great consistency. There is no problem with sand and twigs that remain in the hair after dyeing! Thanks to gelation, it is very efficient and rinses off perfectly. It is less dry than other hennas. Herbs are imported on a regular basis, they are fresh.

Thanks to multiple sifting, Henna Rajasthani BAQ is perfect for the art of mehdni decorating the body with dark brown, harmless patterns that will disappear after about 2 weeks together with exfoliated epidermis, thanks to which the fun continues!

Directions for use:

Before applying henna, the hair should be washed with a strong shampoo (with sls, sles) to clean the hair of all impurities and silicones.

The powder should be poured into a bowl, pour in distilled water, so as to obtain the consistency of pudding. The water can be cold or warm, the temperature must not exceed 80 ° C. If you want to heat the water in the kettle, descale it first, make sure there is no limescale in it or heat the water in a clean pot so that no minerals get into the water. Lumps may appear at first. It's normal. You can put the paste aside for a few hours in a warm place, in the refrigerator or freeze it, and the lumps should disappear after mixing after this time. You can also blend the paste to get rid of lumps faster.

As with any herb after such dyeing, the hair may temporarily dry out, this is also normal, it is not a sign of hair damage. To prevent excessive drying of the hair during dyeing, the paste can be mixed not with distilled water, but with linseed glutton boiled in distilled water, and sprinkle with fenugreek powder (great for growth and volume), which also has moisturizing properties.

We keep from 3 to 12 hours on the head, the longer we have henna on the head, the longer the dye penetrates the hair and the color effect will be better / stronger - it will go more in red or brown.

It is best to sleep in henna, then you can lie with it for a few / several hours and nothing disturbs us or leaks, and when you walk with it during the day it can be different.

As it is a herbal powder, after applying it, you should put a foil cap on the head, a plastic bag, or wrap the head with cling film so that the paste does not dry out (it will not stain it when it dries). It is best to put an old hat on your head to keep the henna warm, because then it dyes your hair better

The paste should be rinsed well with a strong stream of plenty of water. Washing with shampoo and conditioner may inhibit the oxidation of the dye, so wait 48 hours before washing the next time, unless you are satisfied with the actual color effect.

If you make too much paste, you can easily freeze it and leave it until the next dyeing.

What extras?

- for reddish-brown:

Cassia - a herb with a golden dye, can be used solo for a conditioning effect and warming the color




linden and chamomile tea

sea buckthorn juice

- on red:

powdered pepper, beetroot, hibiskus

an infusion of black mallow, hibiscus, ternatine clitoris, and red tea


rubia, kamala, sandalwood, logwood

- for bronze:

infusion of potato peelings, oak bark

powdered nut shells


kalpi tone

Apple Juice

Browns or reds will not come out right away, due to the fact that these are darker colors than reds, you need a dye add-on, i.e. at least a few dyes, but the effect is worth it!

The herbs are packed in biodegradable and ecological packaging that meets the American ASTM D-6868 and D-6400 standards, with care for the environment!

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