Ziółka z Sojatu Cassia obovata Indian for blonde, conditioning, redness 100g

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Cassia obovata Indian for blonde, conditioning, redness 100g, brand Ziółka z Sojatu - Perfect for people who want to improve their hair condition without significantly changing the color!

What is Cassia, and how does it work?

These are powdered leaves of the Cassia obovata plant, which, when poured over with distilled water, emit a golden dye. Mixed with henna, it gives bright reds, and with henna and indigo - light browns. If we combine it with henna, mix both powders and set aside separately. Cassia is sometimes sold as "colorless henna", but Cassia also has a dye and it is not henna, because they are 2 different plants!

Very light color warms you up, but on brown hair it is practically invisible, only the conditioning effect remains - it nourishes the hair and gives it shine, it also acts as a gentle mechanical peeling. After dyeing, the hair is much longer fresh, lifted at the roots and has more volume. You can notice the effect of a slight thickening of the hair.

Cassia obovata:

It is a high-quality product, with fresh, five times sieved powder, thanks to which it is perfectly applied to the hair and gels, it obtains a great consistency, praised by many customers. There is no problem with sand left in the hair after dyeing! Thanks to gelation, it is very efficient and rinses off perfectly. Less dryness is observed after it than after other cassias.

Directions for use:

Cassia is acidophilic, so when preparing the paste, you can make it acidic by adding, for example, amla, sea buckthorn juice, hibiscus, kalpi tone. Contrary to henna, cassia needs a long standing time (12-24 hours), in warm under cover, it is necessary to control whether there is mold. After pouring water on the powder, it may clump, this is absolutely normal, the lumps will be absorbed after standing and mixing, or - if you want to get rid of the lumps right away - you can blend the paste.

The hair should be washed with a strong shampoo (sls, sles) without silicones to cleanse the hair of all impurities. If you have very hard water, you can make a chelating mask (mask with a simple composition, no silicones + citric acid) to get rid of excess minerals. Apply the paste to dry or wet hair and keep it for 1-12 hours depending on the effect you want to achieve, but remember that the longer the cassia is on the hair, the better the conditioning and color effect. If you do not have problems with the scalp, you can sleep in the mixture, then it is easiest to last 12 hours. It is best to make a thicker paste, and it is best to put an old towel on the pillow - just in case;).

The dried herb does not stain, so you must put a foil on your head and put on an old cap every time you dye it, because in the heat, the herbs dye better.

As with any herb after such dyeing, the hair may temporarily dry out, this is also normal, it is not a sign of hair damage. In order to prevent excessive drying of the hair during dyeing, the paste can be mixed not with distilled water, but on linseed glutton boiled in distilled water, and sprinkle with fenugreek powder (great for growth and volume), which also has moisturizing properties.

We wash with a strong stream of plenty of water until it is clean. Wait at least 48 hours with the next wash, and do not wash the toothpaste with shampoo or apply any conditioners.

If you make too much paste, you can easily freeze it and leave it until the next dyeing

What extras?

- for light blonde:

acerola (antioxidant)

linden and chamomile infusion

sea buckthorn juice (antioxidant)


- for dark blonde:

amla, kalpi tone, brahmi, bhringraj

an infusion of oak bark

powdered nut shells

rubia (strawberry blond)

- for reddish-brown:

turmeric, red pepper

henna with acerola

sea buckthorn juice

- for light brown:

henna with cassia with an admixture of indigo (we mix everything up separately, not acidify it)

The herbs are packed in biodegradable and ecological packaging that meets the American ASTM D-6868 and D-6400 standards, with care for the environment!

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