VESA Beauty Face massage Set: Roller + Gua Sha stone - Rose Quartz

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VESA Beauty Face massage Set: Roller + Gua Sha stone made of Rose Quartz - Make your face look more radiant!

Stone massages, known since antiquity, are a natural healing method and preserve the good condition of the skin. The set includes a roller and a Gua sha face massage stone made of Rose quartz. Everything is packed in a box, thanks to which you can give a gift to yourself or someone close to you.

Rose quartz is an unusual natural stone colloquially known as the "stone of love". It has been used for centuries as an amulet, as it was believed that its magical powers could protect against evil. Considered a stone relieves stress and tension, triggers positive emotions, and relieves the heart and circulatory system problems.


Advantages of using massage with precious stones:

- the coolness of the stone closes the pores,

- reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes,

- they increase blood and lymph circulation

- relax muscles and relax

- reduce wrinkles,

- stimulate the skin,

- improve skin tone and firmness

When not to use this massage?

In most cases, you can use a roller or gua sha stone without fear, but it is not recommended to perform massage if you have, for example, acne lesions, rosacea, damaged skin, or if you have a lot of broken capillaries.


Differences between a gua sha stone and a roller:

- Roller primarily restores the skin's good blood supply, relaxes and reduces swelling, and additionally supports, for example, the application of oils, masks and creams.

- Gua sha stone used regularly has a firming and anti-wrinkle effect, because the gua sha plate massage is a Chinese method of massaging the facial muscles, which uses slightly more pressure.

Directions for use:

Before performing the massage, clean your face. You can use oil or serum for massage. The treatment should last about 10 minutes. You can cool the stones in the refrigerator to enhance the effects. Make each movement from the centre of the face outwards and repeat it several times.

Neck and décolletage - Make long, longitudinal strokes from the collarbones up.

Face oval and cheeks - With gentle smooth movements from the centre of the face outwards.

Forehead - Massage from the base of the forehead upwards and from the centre to the outside.

Eye area - Make gentle movements from the centre to the outside.



Avoid contact of the metal part with water. Stones are best cleaned with a damp cloth. Do not rinse them with hot water, do not immerse them in water and do not use any cleaning agents.

Products made of natural stone, therefore the dimensions and colours of individual pieces may slightly differ.

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