Unit4Men Regenerating Set

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Unit4Men Regenerating Set

A set of high-quality cosmetics, closed in an exclusive package, is the perfect gift idea! Each cosmetic is an innovative combination of natural ingredients with an exclusive scent of men's perfumes. Their unique composition combines fresh, citrus notes with intriguing, heavier notes of cardamom and musk.

The perfect gift for the modern man includes:

- Perfumed shower gel 3in1 (body, face, hair), 200 ml

Multifunctional body wash 3in1, contains only natural washing substances and active ingredients, incl. hops extract with a bacteriostatic effect. The 3in1 gel is ideal for washing the face, body and hair. Delicate foam cleans without disturbing the natural pH of the skin.

- Regenerating hand cream, 75ml

Strongly regenerating hand cream, moisturizes even chapped hand skin, softens and soothes irritations. It protects against the harmful effects of external factors - creates a film on the skin that gives the effect of a "second skin", and at the same time does not leave a feeling of stickiness. Thanks to the content of shea butter and almond oil - it perfectly moisturizes, soothes irritations, regenerates, facilitates healing and lubricates perfectly. Kissi camellia oil - nourishes brittle nails and dry cuticles. Oat seed extract - strengthens the skin, promotes regeneration, soothes irritations and sunburn. Mango butter - also has a protective effect - is a natural sunscreen.

100% vegan raw materials

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