Senkara Face Brush

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Senkara Face Brush

The facial massage brush is an effective cosmetic tool for gently exfoliating the skin, stimulating blood and connective tissue circulation, and awakening the face properly in the morning. Brushing regularly will help reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eyes while smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. It also improves skin tone and stimulates the lymphatic system. The skin becomes smooth and radiant. Daily brushing of the face and neck skin is a natural "mini-lifting" in everyday care.

How it's working?

When connective tissue is stimulated, blood circulation increases and the lymphatic system is activated. Brushing and gentle stimulation of the skin brings circulation to the epidermis, where there are small lymphatic vessels. The lymphatic system drains the residual fluid in the tissues, drains, removes accumulated toxins, reduces swelling. Brushing also slightly exfoliates dead skin cells. This skin activation results in better absorption of skincare products, strengthens connective tissue and smoothes fine lines. The skin becomes supple and naturally radiant.

The brush is also ideal for deep wet cleansing of the skin.

How to use?

Brush dry face and neck skin in the morning before showering and cleansing routines. Tie your hair up and remove any jewelry and glasses. For best results, brush the skin with light and vigorous strokes as shown in the picture below. Brush each area several times.

Remember to dose the pressure very gently. Massage should not hurt or cause excessive redness. Brush the skin without makeup, 3-4 times a week for 2-3 minutes. You will get the best results with regular and long-term use. After the massage, cleanse the skin and apply subsequent care steps tailored to your skin type.

Drink a large glass of water to hydrate yourself from the inside out. This ritual will allow you to start each day brightly and with energy.

Never massage on damaged skin with open inflammations.


The brush is made of high-quality beech wood and natural, soft horsehair.

Brush care

Remember about proper brush hygiene. Dab the brush after each use to remove any excess skin and rinse with warm soapy water and leave to dry with the bristles facing down. Do not leave the brush in water or in a damp room. The brush is made of untreated beech wood and may darken under the influence of moisture. This is not a product defect.

Brush dimensions 160x37x35 mm


 The brush is a personal hygiene product - it is not returnable.

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