Senkara Body Brush

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Senkara Body Brush

Systematic massage stimulates circulation, detoxifies the skin, and exfoliates the dead epidermis. Supports firming and fighting cellulite. It prevents ingrown hair.

Brush your entire body regularly and observe the beneficial effects of this ritual. Brush massage stimulates blood and lymph circulation. It relaxes, adds energy and helps to cleanse toxins. It perfectly exfoliates dead skin cells and prepares the body for further stages of care.


How to use it?

Do massage systematically right before the shower. Brush your body with smooth movements, starting from the feet and working your way up. Perform the massage with long, sliding (legs, arms) or circular (joints, abdomen; clockwise) movements always towards the heart, as shown in the figure below. Gently does the brush pressure.

Massage should not cause you pain, it should not scratch too much, or cause excessive reddening of the skin. The fibers of the brush are stiff, so initially massage very gently and gradually increase the pressure as desired. Then wash your skin and apply one of the nourishing body mousses.

The brush is intended for body massage. Never massage your face and neck with it. For these parts, we dedicate a special facial brush with soft bristles. Never massage on damaged skin.

The brush is made of high-quality beech wood and plant-based agave cactus.


Brush care

Remember about proper brush hygiene. Dab the brush after each use to remove any excess skin. Rinse the bristles once a week with warm soapy water and leave to dry with the bristles facing down. Do not leave the brush in water or in a damp room. The brush is made of untreated beechwood and may darken under the influence of moisture. This is not a product defect.

Brush dimensions 130x80x40 mm

The brush is a personal hygiene product - it's not returnable.

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