RL9 Passion fruit & Peach Mousse 100g

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RL9 Passion fruit & Peach Mousse (100g)

This delicious fruit mousse will delight any fan of natural sweets.

It is a healthy alternative to snacks that are often eaten throughout the day - both at work and at school. 100% fruit puree. No added sugar, dyes or preservatives.

Passion Fruit and Peach Fruit Mousse is an excellent source of vitamin C and fiber, the deficiencies of which often have a direct impact on our health. All this in a convenient, pocket-sized package. The product is pasteurized using natural methods, so it can be stored outside the refrigerator.

An additional advantage of the mousse is the wide cork, which was designed with the youngest in mind, as it prevents swallowing. Take your health with you wherever you go!

Ingredients: apple, banana, peach 18%, passion fruit 4%, vitamin C.

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