Purella Goji Berries 45g

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Purella Goji Berries (45g)

Goji berries, which are the fruit of wolfberry, are among the foods that have been present in the Asian diet and medicine for over 2,000 years. years. These bright red berries with a characteristic slightly sour taste are anti-ageing, regulate blood glucose levels and support the proper functioning of the immune system.

Berries can most often be purchased as dried fruit. Goji are a good source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins C, A (1/4 cup is 340% of the daily requirement for this vitamin), iron, zinc, antioxidants and fiber. They also contain as many as 8 essential amino acids. A 112 g serving of blueberries covers 10% of the daily protein requirement. Blueberries contain complex carbohydrates, thanks to which, after eating them, the body gradually absorbs the sugar present in them. So these fruits do not cause sudden insulin bursts

- Goji berries from China contain zeaxanthin - an antioxidant that protects the eyes against diseases of old age. The antioxidant also protects the body against the harmful effects of UV rays, fights free radicals and reduces the effects of oxidative stress.

- Carotenoids, zeaxanthin and vitamin C present in high concentrations in the fruit inhibit the growth of cancer cells. These antioxidants slow the growth of the cancer, reduce inflammation, and help remove harmful substances from the body. Thanks to the beta carotene content, goji berries provide healthy and good-looking skin. Beta carotene improves the condition of the skin, reduces irritation and the effects of aging. The fruit may prove to be helpful in stabilizing insulin and blood glucose levels. They also improve the cholesterol profile in people with type II diabetes.

- Among the phytochemicals (nutrients found in plants and having a protective effect on the body) present in goji, polysaccharides should be mentioned in the first place. They are the primary source of dietary fiber. The polysaccharides in goji berries also support the functioning of the immune system and have a strong antioxidant effect.

Directions for use:

Berries can be added to porridge, yoghurt, salads or baked goods, or eaten on their own as a healthy snack. Fruits are a perfect supplement to the diet with vitamins A and C and valuable antioxidants. Suitable for vegans, naturally gluten-free.

The recommended daily intake is 12 g.

Store in a dry, cool place. Protect from light.

Fruit should be avoided by people with low blood sugar, on blood-thinning medications, low or high blood pressure. Berries should not be consumed by nursing and pregnant women (fruit may cause miscarriages) and people who are allergic to them.

Inci: 100% dried goji berries.

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