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South of France - Hello Adventure!, of the polish brand Phlov - A set that cares for a shapely figure!

Good training requires proper preparation - also in the context of care! This set was created for those who love sports and want to provide their skin with what is best for it. It is an excellent choice for active people who care about a shapely figure. We invite you to a more active journey - trekking in the rocky bays of Calanques, known as the French Colorado, in search of pink clay. During this adventure, we will be accompanied by the aroma of juicy peaches from French orchards and the refreshing scent of mandarin.

The set includes:

1. Micro-exfoliating washing gel ENERGY PUNCH!

This cosmetic will wonderfully refresh the body before a challenging day and improve the permeability and effectiveness of the next stages of care.

2. Botanical peeling with pink clay SCRUB ME UP!

The mineral-sugar peeling with an appetizing scent of peach will supplement valuable microelements and smooth the skin's micro-sculptures. The pink clay contained in it contains, among others: silicon, iron, magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium. As a result, this ingredient allows you to get the effect of a relaxed and rested skin, and additionally remineralises and cleanses it.

3. Balm strengthening the effects of training BURN, BURN NOW!

Used before exercise, it intensifies their effects and stimulates fat burning. But this is not the end, because the plant complex based on capsaicin from chilli pepper and organic mustard sprout extract accelerates the reduction of body circumference!

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