Phlov Vegan perfumes Day'LightFull 30ml

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Vegan perfumes Day'LightFull 30ml, of the polish brand Phlov - Spring refreshment and energy!

The Day'LightFull fragrance is a spring refreshment and energy enclosed in a bottle, which saturates the air during sunrise. It's a deep breath before venturing out into the unknown. It is motivation and power that will make you gain wind in your sails.

Appetizing, citrus notes of orange and mandarin in combination with a juicy raspberry will stimulate your senses like the first bite of a ripe fruit. Tempting vanilla tones envelop you in sweetness and bring you the promise of a great day!

Deep notes of forest moss combined with the scent of white lilac is a duo vibrating with sensuality and refreshing freshness, which will motivate you to act to reach for more. Of course, in your own unique style and in the direction you choose.

Day’LightFull perfume is an attribute of a woman who creates her own story. Thanks to them, you will feel that you have everything you need to find your flow and start making your wildest dreams come true.

Day'LightFull are those moments when you are focused on yourself and your goal. You're not looking for excuses, you just feel like you want to do something just for yourself and… you do it! You are only… one decision away from that. An impulse to get you moving.

If you want to try the fragrance out, find a sample of Day'LightFull here.


The scent of the perfume is characterized by a concentration of 25% of fragrance oils dissolved in 70% of alcohol. Both the elixirs used in the composition and all other ingredients necessary for their production are fully vegan. Perfume production takes place in Poland. The color of the perfume may vary depending on the production batch.

Where is the best place to test the fragrance on the skin?

Apply the fragrance to the inner part of the wrist or to the bends of the elbows. Remember that the aroma of a perfume changes over time. You can feel completely different notes immediately after application, and even different ones after a few hours.

How to store perfumes?

Perfumes do not like light, so store them best in a dark and cool place.

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