Pasieki Sadowskich Propolis 50g

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Propolis 50g, Pasieki Rodziny Sadowskich - Only good closed in a jar!

Aromatic bee product is great against viruses. Propolis is a fragrant substance consisting of resin, waxes, essential oils (it owes its beautiful smell to them!), Pollen and bee secretions. All good in a jar.

Properties of propolis:

- has a bactericidal, antiviral and anti-inflammatory effect,

- used as a natural antibiotic,

- for external use (you can lubricate yourself with small amounts of e.g. solution),

- ideal for the preparation of medicinal propolis tincture or propolis ointment *,

- has aromatherapeutic properties - its unique scent improves the mood,

- propolis tincture is used for stomach ailments (e.g. gastric flu), for sore throats (you can put the throat with a stick soaked in tincture), externally on wounds.

Learn more properties of propolis and use the recipe for tincture from the blog on the polish website of Pasieki Rodziny Sadowskich -> Recipe for tincture of propolis!

Some tips for using propolis:

- propolis, like any natural bee product, can cause allergic reactions. Before using (orally, on the skin), we advise you to try a small amount of propolis to rule out allergy

- in order to facilitate the removal of the propolis from the jar, it is not completely filled. There is 50 g of propolis in the jar

- * if you want to grind propolis, it must be frozen beforehand and ground when frozen (warm propolis is sticky)

- propolis is a product that stains a teaspoon/glass a lot, so it's best to use a glass/teaspoon that can be dirty/damaged.

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