Pasieki Sadowskich Honey with Thyme and Coltsfoot 430g

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Honey with Thyme and Coltsfoot 430g,  Pasieki Rodziny Sadowskich - Treasures of nature: honey, thyme and coltsfoot!

In the fight against weakness, viruses and reduced immunity, it is best to deal with it naturally. We often reach for the recipes of our grandmothers, who, on the occasion of upper respiratory tract infections, often drew from the treasures of nature - honey, thyme and coltsfoot. Combined into a herbal whole with a therapeutic effect. Bless you!

Properties of honey with thyme and coltsfoot:

- all the properties of multiflorous honey,

- multiflorous honey itself is recommended in allergic diseases of the upper respiratory tract,

- thanks to the addition of thyme and coltsfoot, it acts as an expectorant,

- honey with thyme and coltsfoot is especially recommended for hoarseness and cough resulting from colds,

- will help to open the upper respiratory tract in a natural way,

- has an intense herbal flavour that emphasizes the sweetness of multi-flower honey.

Honey with thyme and coltsfoot will be great for strengthening upper respiratory tract infections - eaten from a teaspoon will moisturize the throat and help with coughing. It will also work as a herbal marinade for meat - it perfectly complements the taste of roast!

Natural bee honey crystallizes. Honey can crystallize from a few days to a year depending on the species. You can bring it back to a liquid form by heating it to 40°C, but protect it from sunlight on a daily basis and do not store it at a temperature higher than 18°C.

If you are buying a larger supply, store them in a cool and dark place.

Ingredients: 97.5% multiflower honey, 2% freeze-dried thyme, 0.5% freeze-dried coltsfoot

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