Pasieki Sadowskich Honey with Orange and Cloves 430g

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Honey with Orange and Cloves 430g,  Pasieki Rodziny Sadowskich - Unique aroma, taste, colour and properties!

3% freeze-dried orange and as little as 0.5%, ground cloves were added to the creamy multiflower honey. Honey has a unique aroma, delicious taste and colour, and above all - exceptional health-promoting properties! Thanks to the freeze-drying process, the orange fruit retained its nutritional value and, together with the cloves, enriched multiflorous honey with new powers.

Properties of honey with orange and cloves:

- regular consumption of multiflorous honey strengthens immunity,

- multiflorous honey is a source of easily digestible simple sugars (glucose and fructose) - it is a valuable energy for the heart muscle in heart and vascular diseases,

- multiflorous honey soothes the troublesome symptoms of allergic diseases of the respiratory tract,

- orange fruit is a source of vitamin C, beta-carotene and B vitamins (including folic acid), as well as fiber and flavonoids, which enhance the effect of vitamins. C,

- orange is a rich source of potassium, which is responsible for regulating blood pressure and heart rate,

- essential oils contained in oranges have a calming and relaxing effect. The scent of orange improves your mood!

- cloves add a unique spicy aroma.

Honey with orange and cloves can be added to warm tea, water or mulled wine. It tastes great as a morning drink - mix 1 tablespoon of honey with orange and cloves with lukewarm water and leave it overnight, stir and drink with relish in the morning. It also works well as an addition to pancakes, sandwiches or as an ingredient in baked goods.

Natural bee honey crystallizes. Honey can crystallize from a few days to a year depending on the species. You can bring it back to a liquid form by heating it to 40°C, but protect it from sunlight on a daily basis and do not store it at a temperature higher than 18°C.

If you are buying a larger supply, store them in a cool and dark place.

Ingredients: multiflower nectar honey 96.5%, freeze-dried orange 3%, cloves 0.5%

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