Pasieki Sadowskich Specialty Coffee - Uganda Vanoma Sweet Berry - filter 250g

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Specialty Coffee - Uganda Vanoma Sweet Berry - filter 250g, Pasieki Rodziny Sadowskich - Specialty coffee made of Ugandan beans!

Specialty quality coffee beans, roasted in a Polish, intimate roaster from Ugandan coffee beans. Sweet coffee, like panel sugar, aromatic like blueberries and cherries with the addition of vanilla, with an intense milk chocolate flavor.

This coffee is the result of the Pura Cepa project, carried out in several places around the globe by Latorre & Dutch - an Australian importer of specialty coffee. This project is based on controlling the treatment method at the microbiological level, supporting farmers in developing their skills and working techniques, while ensuring that the production of green coffee is more environmentally friendly.

The treatment method used by Uganda Vanoma is Pura Cepa Fermentum Aqua Batch. This is a kind of anaerobic fermentation in an aquatic environment. The coffee is first pulped, i.e. the process of getting rid of the fleshy flesh of the coffee tree berry, and then the grains in parchment and pectin are closed in a steel tank filled with water. To stimulate the fermentation process, the so-called "Kefir", a mixture of lactic acid bacteria and yeast, which enhances the desired aromas in coffee. During this fermentation, experts working at the treatment station control the temperature inside the tank, the pH of the water, its mineral composition, sugar content and the bacterial population. They also have the ability to control the time of the reactions taking place. When the fermentation step is complete, the coffee leaves the tank, is washed and allowed to sun-dry until it reaches the appropriate humidity so that it can be sorted and bagged for transport.

The coffees were harvested by local farmers and handled by the Buzibiti washing station.

Sensory Notes:

Berry and cherry are the flavors that are most noticeable in Uganda Vanoma coffee. They are followed by sweet, deep aromas of vanilla, milk chocolate and panela sugar.

Coffee intended for filter coffee machines and alternative methods.

We recommend:

Intensely perceptible milk chocolate in coffee supplemented with aromas of blueberry, cherry and panel sugar is the perfect companion for a bit of multiflower, linden or faceli honey - it will emphasize the taste of coffee, sweetening it in a healthy way and complementing the rich, sweet-fruity taste.



Botanical variety: BOURBON, SL-28, S-795


Cultivation height: 1600-1800 m a.s.l.

Firing rate: FILTER

Ingredients: COFFEE BEANS

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