Pasieki Sadowskich Cascara - dried coffee husk 100g

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Cascara - dried coffee husk 100g, of the polish brand Pasieki Sadowskich - The dried husk of coffee beans to be brewed like tea!

When preparing coffee beans, which after roasting we know as a classic infusion, the farmer can also prepare cascara - these are dried husks of coffee berries that can be brewed like tea. Some people compare the taste of cascara to dried fruit compote, but our taste is more complex. You will find notes of dried fruit, citrus and black tea in it.

The Finca Los Pinos plantation has been run for four generations by the Corrales family. On a farm located in the northern region of Nicaragua - Matagalpa, they grow coffee of the highest quality.

Directions for use:

Pour 8 grams of cascara with 100 ml of water at a temperature of about 95 ° C. Wait 5 minutes and enjoy the infusion. It tastes great warm with the addition of honey, as well as cold with a slice of orange. Cascara infusion has a small amount of caffeine.

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