OnlyEco Floor Cleaner 1000ml

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OnlyEco Floor Cleaner (1000ml)

Effective liquid for cleaning wooden, ceramic and plastic floors. It does not leave stains. It dries quickly. Biodegradable.

- Bio-refined surfactin is a breakthrough cleaning ingredient created in OnlyEco laboratories, which is created thanks to the technology of biorefining rapeseed using special microorganisms. Instantly removes all organic and mineral contamination. It has antibacterial properties and is gentle on the cleaned surfaces, cares for and protects them.

- Glycerin gives shine, protects and helps to prevent re-soiling and smooths out minor scratches.

- Lemon peel oil is especially effective in removing organic and mineral dirt.

Directions for use:

Pour 20 ml of the liquid into 5 L of warm water, mix. Wash the floor and let it dry.

Inci: less than 5% polysaccharide nonionic surfactants, rapeseed based anionic surfactants; sodium hydroxymethylglycinate; natural essential oil from lemon peel (contains: Limonene). Also contains: demineralized water, propylene glycol, glycerin, alcohol obtained by fermentation of vegetable starch, sodium citrate, solvent, denaturant, citric acid.

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