NEW EDITION of Book "90 days - Design your tomorrow!" Ewa Chodakowska

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NEW EDITION of Book "90 days - Design your tomorrow!" Ewa Chodakowska

New edition - The content of the book remains the same except for new photos and training plans.

Every day is good to start all over again. Focus all your attention on the here and now. This is the time you CREATE YOUR TOMORROW.

"90 days - Design your tomorrow" is an invaluable help, thanks to which you will set an achievable goal and you will implement it step by step. It contains helpful psychological, dietary and training tips, thanks to which you will achieve and maintain the intended results. IN

For 90 days in 90 steps:

• you make a balance sheet and consciously choose the area of life that you would like to change

• formulate your goal in such a way as to increase the chances of achieving it

• you will learn how to use your strengths and weaknesses when making changes

• prepare yourself and your surroundings for change and create an action plan

• you will discover ways to find your motivation and maintain persistence

• you will learn why it is important to be mindful and grateful

• start training regularly - the material includes 12 WEEKLY training plans for beginners and advanced users

• you will learn how to get out of the vicious cycle of restrictive diets and achieve lasting results of your work

• you will develop good eating habits that will result in health, better well-being and a dream figure

• you will get tips on how to take care of your body and take care of it

• you will get inspiration for everyday movement and proper care of your condition.

Author: Ewa Chodakowska

400 pages

Polish language

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