MydłoStacja Cinnamon Hydrosol 50ml

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Cinnamon Hydrosol 50ml, of the polish brand MydłoStacja - Antibacterial and moisturizing hydrosol!

Hydrosol obtained from the bark of Ceylon cinnamon is a great alternative for those who suffer from inflammation of the skin of both the face and head, acne, impure, oily and problematic skin. It has a tonic effect, stimulates blood and lymph circulation, and balances the pH. Its antibacterial and moisturizing properties are second to none, and the smell of cinnamon bark acts as an aphrodisiac on the senses! It wonderfully stimulates cellular processes, so it can be boldly used as an anti-cellulite and anti-dandruff cosmetic.

Like any natural cosmetic, cinnamon hydrolate has a strong and concentrated effect, so if our skin is more sensitive or - generally - is delicate, it can cause slight redness and burning. Therefore, we recommend that you first try it on a small piece of skin to see that there is no reaction.

Country of origin: France

Who is the Cinnamon Hydrosol recommended to?

- To everyone, regardless of skin type.

- Especially people with inflammation of the skin of both the face and head.

- People with acne problem, with impure, oily and problematic skin.

- People with dandruff issue.

- People with cellulite issues.

- Vegans and vegetarians, but not only!

Directions for use:

- as a facial skin tonic

- as a scalp lotion

- as a body cosmetic

Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Flower Water

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