Lullalove Body Brush with Handle, Medium Hard

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Lullalove Body Brush with Handle, Medium Hard

The brush received an award in the 3rd Edition of the Influencer's Top 2020 Plebiscite.

Brushing has never been so convenient and fun. A brush designed to massage delicate skin. It has a special cut with a long handle so that you can brush the whole body with it. The brush can be used in two ways: to brush the body dry and wet.



- The brush bristles are softer than tampico, but still sharp enough to be suitable for dry brushing the body. Its ideal length makes it effective for exfoliating the body, helping to get rid of dead skin, relieve tension, improve lymphatic drainage and alleviate the effects of excessive water retention. Brushing is also a massage that relaxes muscle tension.

- The handle is made of several pieces of wood, glued together to withstand moisture. Solid, homogeneous wood can crack naturally under the influence of water, here it is specially glued. The wood may darken where the bristles are in contact with the wood, especially if cleaning agents are used. It does not affect the comfort of use, it is a natural process that wood undergoes.


If the brush is used wet, let it dry in an upright position afterwards. The brush must not be left in water. Bristles are natural bristles - they smell when wet.

It is worth replacing it in the event of noticeable wear, or prophylactically every 6 months.

It is fully ecological.


The brush is a subject of personal hygiene - it is not returnable.

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