Lullalove Nail Brush for Children and Adults

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Lullalove Nail Brush for Children and Adults

A clever brush for nails and all washable paintings on the child's skin. On the one hand, a wide strip of bristles will allow you to quickly clean larger surfaces such as knees, hands or elbows. On the other hand, a narrow strip of bristles will reach the difficult corners of a child's or adult's small nails. A brush is an inseparable element of a preschooler, older child and anyone who likes, for example, gardening or workshop work.

Brush care:

Dry thoroughly before storing and storing.

Under the influence of prolonged contact with water, the wood may swell or become unsealed in the place of the grain, it does not affect the use of the brush, but only proves the 100% natural, solid origin of the wood.

Binding: beech wood. Bristles: bristles.


The brush is a subject of personal hygiene - it is not returnable.

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