Lullalove SuperToy MrB - Colic Hot Water Bottle

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Lullalove SuperToy MrB - Colic Hot Water Bottle

It is a hot water bottle sensory toy with a salt insert, which is helpful with baby colic (as an introduction to massage). It has contrasting colors, colorful tags and rustling elements. It is a response to the growing awareness of parents about the development of babies and the proper stimulation of their senses through the combination of black, white and red, tags and elements that emit sound. It is safe and complies with the requirements of EU directives. The heater can be used immediately after the umbilical cord stump has fallen off. Before use, read the instructions on the packaging.

Its secret is the salt pad, which, after bending the stick, heats up to a maximum temperature of 54 degrees Celsius. Thanks to the insulating pocket on the back of the MR B, the temperature is maintained for up to an hour (the time depends on the ambient temperature). The heating insert is reusable and non-toxic (the substance is food grade sodium acetate), safe and most importantly - it does not cause burns, as it may be the case with popular methods of heating the tummy with a dryer or a hot water bottle. The cuddly toy is made of soft plush stuffed with anti-allergic fabric.

MR B can be used by the whole family. Perfect for trips, walks or skiing. It works great during colds or bronchitis, as a warm compress, when the use of a warming ointment is impossible. Wherever a little warmth is needed.


What are the advantages?


- The heating cartridge is reusable.

- It has contrasting colors (white, black, red) that stimulate the baby's eyesight.

- It has colorful tags and a rustling foot.

- It is light, the handles and legs are easy to grip and chew on.

- Its arms and legs have a thickness similar to the thickness of an umbilical cord - thanks to this, the child can intuitively catch them.

- It is made entirely in Poland - from materials and tags to the heater.

- The fabrics used in the production are certified as Safe for Children.

Cartridge Usage:

1. Prepare a liquid cartridge. A stick and a plate are floating inside - these are activators, use one as you see fit.

2. Bend the stick or plate.

3. Cartridge activation begins, it becomes warm and begins to harden.

4.The cartridge is ready to use and has a constant temperature of around 50 degrees. Put it in the MRB case, which will heat up.

5. Place the MRB on the abdomen for at least 10-15 minutes to warm up the muscles and massage the tummy. We massage with circular movements, always clockwise.

6. Once the cartridge has cooled down, it is as hard as stone. In order for it to be liquid again and to be able to bend the activator, boil it.

7. Put the insert into a pot of boiling water and cook (the water must bubble like broth) for about 15 minutes. Much depends on the oven, type of pot, so the time can be extended up to 20 minutes.

8. When the cartridge is already liquid, take it out of the water and let it cool down.


- If the cartridge activates by itself, there may be some undercooked crystal left inside. At one time, you can also leave the cartridge in the water in which it was boiled until it cools down.

- The heating element itself is not a toy! Use with a heating element only under adult supervision. A cuddly case is used to play.

- Always check how the child reacts to temperature, do not leave him with a hot water bottle. If the baby's skin is sensitive, place an extra layer of fabric between the baby and the hot water bottle. Do not put a hot water bottle on a reusable diaper / diaper as it may cause chafing. Always take her off her tummy.

The product received a Positive Opinion of the Institute of Mother and Child No. Op-4969, valid until June 15, 2023.

The materials and tags from which the toy was sewn are safe for the child and have the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate.

Note: The colors in the photos may slightly differ from the actual colors.

Machine wash recommended, do not hand wash.

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