Lullalove Wet and Dry Body Brush - Tampico

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Lullalove Wet and Dry Body Brush - Tampico

Regular brushing ensures skin elasticity, stimulates the immune system and improves well-being. Thanks to the frame made of glued wood, brushing can be done dry and in the bath. The hard brush is also great for cellulite, ingrown hairs or rough forearms, buttocks or elbows.

The purpose of the massage, in addition to gently removing dead skin, is to get rid of toxin deposits, i.e. lymphatic drainage. Massage also helps relieve tension. Made in the morning - it stimulates, in the evening - relaxes. The long handle also makes it easier to brush hard-to-reach places, such as the back or feet, for people who have trouble reaching them.


What does brush massage help for?


- Relieves tension - especially when brushing the neck and shoulders.

- Reduces puffiness.

- Firms and tones the skin.

- By brushing the bust, we get rid of lymphatic deposits formed while wearing a bra.

- Works great with fresh, red stretch marks.

- Improves blood circulation and stimulates the immune system.


How to massage the body?


- From bottom to top in long, gliding strokes. The movements must always go towards the heart, that is, in line with the flow of the lymph.

- The legs and hands are brushed with sliding movements. The abdomen and joints (i.e. arms, knees, hips, wrists and ankles) are brushed in a circular motion.

- The pressure depends on the thickness of the skin - on the neckline or armpits it is done more gently than on the sole of the feet.

- No lotions or oils are used for massage.


How often should I brush my skin?


- Ideally, before each bath or at least 3 times a week.

- The skin smoothing effect is visible after 3-4 brushings.

Remember to leave the brush to dry and not to keep it in water.

The brush is a subject of personal hygiene - it is not returnable.

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