Lullalove Wild Hairbrush

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Lullalove Wild Hairbrush

A flat brush with a wooden body and a comfortable handle with a mixture of boar bristles and artificial fibers. Collects dust and remnants of styling products. Makes it easier to detangle the hair without pulling and tangling it. Provides a pleasant and relaxing scalp massage.


Advantages of the brush:


- It allows you to detangle and smooth the hair at the same time thanks to a mixture of natural and artificial fibers.

- Minimizes static in the hair.

- Closes the scales without damaging them thanks to the fact that the boar's bristles are similar in structure to human hair

- Facilitates detangling due to the fact that the bristles are of different lengths.

- Perfect for children who have a lot of delicate hair. It will not break them, it will gently comb them.

Attention! Hair that is very damaged or not used to natural bristles may become more static at the beginning.

Brush care:

Dry clean by combing. Don't get wet.

Fiber: boar bristle + polypropylene + black polyamide.

Length of the entire brush: 26 cm.


The brush is a subject of personal hygiene - it is not returnable.

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