Lullalove Additional Heating Insert for MrB SuperToys

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Lullalove Additional Heating Insert for MrB SuperToys

This is an additional heating cartridge for the MrB SuperToy, which is filled with food-grade sodium acetate. After bending the stick, it heats up to a temperature of 54 degrees Celsius. This cartridge is reusable. After use, simply put the cartridge in hot water for a few minutes. It is non-toxic, safe and most importantly, it does not cause burns.

An additional insert will be especially useful during trips, walks or with spikes. The warmth of the insert is great for colds or bronchitis, for example, as a warm compress, when the use of a warming ointment is impossible. It will bring relief to both the mother (during painful periods) and the baby (during colic).


The colours shown in the photos may slightly differ from the actual colours.

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