LEVANN Food supplement D3 + K2 MK7 60 capsules

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LEVANN Food supplement D3 + K2 MK7 (60 capsules)

Vitamin D3 and K2 is a duo that will not disappoint and will do whatever it takes to restore balance in the body. Especially in the autumn and winter period, when due to low sun exposure and a poor diet, we are exposed to a deficiency of these vitamins. Vitamin D3 and K2 affect a number of important processes in the body:

- Vitamin D3 supports the absorption of calcium and phosphorus necessary for the proper functioning of the skeletal system. In addition, it supports the immune system, cognitive functions and improves mood. Adequate vitamin D3 levels have been shown to reduce the risk of developing insulin resistance and type 1 diabetes mellitus.

- Vitamin K2 has a positive effect on bone mineral density and prevents the accumulation of calcium on the walls of blood vessels. Thus, it improves the functioning of the circulatory system.


Directions for use: 

Consume after a meal with water. The recommended daily allowance is 1 capsule.



Precautions: The preparation is intended for adults. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult a physician before use. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Do not use the preparation in case of hypersensitivity to any of its ingredients. Do not use the supplement after the date of minimum durability. A dietary supplement cannot be used as a substitute for a varied diet. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are recommended.

Store in a dry place at room temperature. Protect from light. Store out of the reach of small children.

Ingredients: olive oil, gelatin, humectant - glycerol, Vitamin K (menachinon-7), vitamin D (cholekalcyferol)

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