LaQ Big Set Goat: Shower Gel 500ml + Body Scrub&Wash 200ml + Soap 85ml

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LaQ Big Se Goat: Shower Gel (500ml) + Body Scrub&Wash (200ml) + Soap (85ml)

The gift set in a hay carton contains:


- Shower gel for guys - Goat (500ml)

Natural shower gel for men 8 in 1 with hops extract with the scent of men's perfumes that fits every men's cosmetic bag. Cleans well, cares for and does not cause irritation. 

- Body Scrub & Wash for guys - Goat (200ml)

A peeling for men with active charcoal, shea butter and hops extract. An alternative to shower gel. 

- Soap for guys with activated charcoal - Goat (85ml)

Soap with the scent of exclusive men's perfume with the addition of cleansing activated carbon. Enriched with noble butters: shea, cocoa and mango, which care for the skin, preventing it from drying out.

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