LaQ Big Set Boar: Shower Gel 500ml + Beard and Face Oil 30ml

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LaQ Big Set Boar: Shower Gel (500ml) + Beard and Face Oil (30ml)

The gift set in a decorative box includes:

- Extremely Wild Shower Gel for Men - Boar (500ml)

Shower gel for men with the scent of men's perfumes 

-  Beard Oil Before and After Shaving - Boar (30ml)

The product is dominated by ingredients that strongly moisturize and regenerate the skin. There are watermelon seed and raspberry seed oils, sweet almond and hemp oils. Nourishing vitamin E also has an antioxidant effect. All these valuable ingredients improve the condition of the skin that is shaved, as well as have a beneficial effect on the beard, softening the hair and making it easier to style.

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