Klareko Soy Fragrance Waxes - Lavender 20x5g

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Klareko Soy Fragrance Waxes - Lavender (20x5g)

Ecological and vegan aromatic soy waxes will envelop the interior with the wonderful aroma of natural essential oils. Soy waxes are handmade, they smell thanks to the natural essential oils with which they are filled to the brim, thanks to which they release their fragrance for a long time. They do not emit any toxic substances, and the hot wax does not burn the skin. Spilled wax can be easily removed from fabrics and furniture. They are safe for people and the environment. Packed in a recyclable glass container.

Do not throw away the used wax. Add it to the candle to make it last longer.

Directions for use:

You can use waxes in many ways:

1. The most popular one is heating wax in an aromatic fireplace. Such a heated wax will delight you with its aroma for up to 10 hours.

2. You can also simply put the wax on a saucer or bowl, or put an open jar. Then the wax will release its aromatic oils for a long time.

3. Or else, put the fragrant wax in the closet. He will share his fragrance with the entire wardrobe (just remember that wax is greasy - but if what, it can be washed off without a problem).

They contain: Natural soy wax, natural essential oils… and that's it.

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