Klareko Liquid for Special Tasks, Pink Grapefruit and Mint 500ml

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Klareko Liquid for Special Tasks, Pink Grapefruit and Mint (500ml)

The liquid for special tasks will be easily found in any situation, leaving only a great fragrance. Hassle-free:

- removes limescale, sediment, rust and mold,

- cleans and disinfects the shell and toilet seat,

- replaces dishwasher rinse aid.

- will deal with bacteria

- clean and shine the stainless steel devices

Additionally, it is:

- safe for people and the environment

- ecological and vegan

- with the benefits of natural essential oils

- in recyclable packaging

Directions for use:

Just spray the contaminated areas and rinse after 10-20 minutes.

Despite his unique power, the Master is safe for people and the environment, and leaves a dazzlingly clean space behind.

The master presents itself as a 500ml unit for special tasks. It feels good at room temperature, away from heat sources. It works best when shaken before use.

Eco ingredients

Cosmetics for the Home are designed to be safe for people and the environment.

More information:

- Lime, sediment and mold? It's not a problem. Spray the contaminated areas with the Special Operations Master and leave for 10-20 minutes. For more severe stains, use a cotton swab dipped in vinegar and leave it on for a while. During this time, drink a tea or hop drink. Then wipe or rinse the surface with water.

- Nasty rust? This is a challenge for fragrant vinegar. Spray the rusty surface with our Master or immerse the rusty object in it, leave for several dozen minutes. Clean with a cloth or whatever you have there ...

- Clean and sanitize the toilet and toilet seat. To do this, spray the shell and the board with the Specialist Master. Give him 20 minutes. Then wipe the toilet seat and the outside of the bowl with a damp cloth. Clean the inside of the bowl with a toilet brush and rinse with water. Voila.

- Remove old limescale and age-old deposits from the toilet bowl. Pour 250ml of the Master TAM, spread it with a brush, leave for 30 minutes and rinse (if the dirt is very large, give the master more time).

- Master For Special Assignments leaves no streaks. Thanks to this, it is ideal for cleaning all smooth and shiny surfaces. All you need to do is pour 50 ml of the master into 4 liters of water and use a mop or a cloth to wipe the previously vacuumed floor.

- Will make dishes shiny if you use it as a dishwasher rinse aid.

- You want to soften the laundry? Pour 50ml of the detergent into the washing machine instead of the softener. Clothes will be nice and soft.

Contains: Herbal extract based on aqueous acetic acid, natural essential oils *… and that's it.

* contains grapefruit oil (LIMONENE).

Every effort is made to ensure that the Cosmetics for the Home are safe. Nevertheless, some people who are allergic to the individual ingredients may experience allergic reactions.

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