Ministerstwo Lavender Hydrosol 50ml

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Ministerstwo Lavender Hydrosol (50ml)

Ecological hydrosol of wild, hand-picked narrow-leaved lavender imported from a small distillery located in the picturesque south of France. A real, natural lavender fragrance - forget the drugstore lavender aroma - that's the scent of real herbs (and all that is best in lavender).

Gently cleanses the skin, regenerates and soothes. Moisturizes, relaxes and brightens the skin, makes the skin look refreshed. It is a perfect substitute for tap water during skincare. Radish peptides extend the shelf life of the hydrosol while showing exceptional moisturizing properties.

This intense herbal distillate can be used for the care of all skin types, with particular emphasis on oily skin, combination skin with a tendency to imperfections and irritation, as well as sensitive and mature skin.

- tones and refreshes the skin,

- relaxes, relaxes and makes the skin look refreshed,

- supports the regeneration of the epidermis,

- reduces imperfections, soothes and soothes irritations (also after epilation, sunbathing),

- can be used as a compress to reduce "bags" under the eyes,

- after use, the skin becomes soft and smooth to the touch,

- it has a gentle tightening effect, leaving the skin feeling firm,

- illuminates the skin and adds glow,

- regulates the secretion of sebum and prevents the skin from shining,

- soothes itchy skin associated with dryness,

- has an antibacterial effect

- when used as a hair mist, it has a refreshing effect,

- soothes irritations and scalp problems.

Directions for use:

Use as a tonic, refreshing face mist, aromatic water (e.g. for bedding), oil/cream base

Apply directly to the skin by spraying it with an atomizer or by dosing the hydrosol onto a cotton pad.

Store in a cool, dry and shady place.

The product is 100% natural. Its aroma, colour and consistency may differ slightly from batch to batch.

Because cosmetics are made entirely of natural ingredients (occasionally enriched with aromas), individuals with allergies may experience certain allergic reactions. In the event that you have an allergic reaction to any cosmetics, please stop using the product immediately and let us know what happened at 

Inci: Laurus Nobilis Leaf/Stem Water, Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate

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