Four Starlings Linen Bag for Soap/Shampoo Bar

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Linen bag for soap/shampoo bar, of the polish brand Four Starlings - Convenience of storing a bar of soap/shampoo!


The bag will be perfect for people who do not like soap dishes in the shower and are looking for a better solution for storing soap or shampoo in a bar. The bag is linen and quick-drying and it is enough to wet it with the cube inside and soap it directly in your hands. A lot of foam escapes through the openwork fabric, and what remains in the bag is enough to squeeze out, use and nothing is wasted. Even if the rest of the cube breaks, it will be crushed, the bag will be perfect and you can easily use the cube to the end. The fabric is resistant to the growth of various types of bacteria, pleasant to the touch and resistant to abrasion. It has antiallergic and antifungal properties.

Material: 100% natural linen knit (undyed) made in Poland .

Dimensions: 13x10.5 cm

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