Foods by Ann Sparkling water Apple & Lemongrass 330ml

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Foods by Ann Sparkling water Apple & Lemongrass (330ml)

Water and natural fruit juices are the perfect combinations.

It wonderfully refreshes, tastes great and hydrates - and this is what our body needs most in hot weather. All this without the addition of sugar or sweeteners.

Only 3kcal in a can! Convenient and handy packaging means that you can take the water with you to work, school or on a trip.

Water Apple & Lemon Grass is a holiday journey closed in a can. The intense flavour of the fresh Polish apple aroma brings to mind a holiday in the countryside, while the accents of lemongrass will take you to distant, exotic countries. It tastes best on ice or straight from the fridge.

Ingredients: water, carbon dioxide, lemon juice from concentrated lemon juice 2%, natural flavors 0.18%: apple and lemongrass.

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