Foods by Ann Fruit puree with mango & millet flakes & coconut shreds 100g

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Foods by Ann Fruit puree with cereals mango & millet flakes & coconut flakes (100g)

Delicious fruit mousse with naturally sweet apples, mangoes, bananas and guavas. With the addition of millet flakes and linseed.

Ripe, picked at the perfect moment is a guarantee of natural sweetness and a delicate, smooth texture. Cereal flakes and coconut add depth to the flavour and make the mousse a light yet energizing snack.

This classic combination of fruits and cereals is perfect for breakfast as well as for training. All these thanks to a combination of simple and complex carbohydrates that provide us with energy, vitamins and fiber.

It is 100% natural, vegan ingredients. No added sugar, lactose, flavours and dyes.

An additional advantage of the mousse is the wide cork, which was designed with the youngest in mind, as it prevents swallowing.

Ingredients: apple, banana, guava, mango 9.5%, millet 6%, millet flakes 3%, coconut flakes 1%.

May contain: gluten.

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