Foods by Ann Jam 100% Peach with flaxseed 200g

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Foods by Ann Jam 100% Peach with flaxseed (200g)

Peach jam with linseed is a real delicacy for children and adults!

The jam contains 100% natural peaches from ecological crops and additionally flaxseed. It is an ingredient traditional in Polish cuisine. Jam is perfect as an addition to bread, and is also an excellent snack on its own. The nutritional values and taste are enriched by the addition of natural apple juice and a hint of lemon. It can be used for pancakes, it also tastes reliably with millet with muesli or porridge. The peach delicacy includes, among others: sodium, potassium, protein, calcium and iron. Vitamins A and C contained in it are an ideal supplement to the diet, helping to increase immunity.

100 g of the product is made from 100 g of fruit.

Peach jam is a valuable source of vitamins and minerals!

Ecological peach fruit with a slightly furry skin and yellowish-red color has an intense and sweet-honey aroma. The spread contains naturally occurring sugars. Both the ingredients and the frying process were made in Poland using traditional methods without preservatives. The naturally occurring sugars in peach and apple fruits require no added sugar or other sweeteners. The natural color of the fruit increases its intensity during frying.

Linseed is a Polish Superfood!

Linseed is a popular and recognized ingredient in Polish culture. It has been used in the herbal medicine tradition for a long time and it is a Polish superfood. The content of 1% of the seeds enriches the peach mixture with a valuable source of fiber. The consumption of linseed diversifies our diet with the antioxidants, amino acids and easily digestible proteins contained in it.

Store the peach spread in a dry and cool place. Store at + 4C after opening. The fruit spread is cholesterol-free.

Ingredients: peach, apple juice from concentrated apple juice, linseed seeds , thickener - pectin, lemon juice

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