Foods by Ann Breakfast Bowl Strawberry & Chokeberry 50g

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Foods by Ann Breakfast Bowl Strawberry & Chokeberry (50g)

Breakfast Bowl Strawberry & Chokeberry is a combination of high-quality oat flakes and full-flavored dried fruit. The 50g serving has been composed so as to be a wholesome and energy-giving breakfast. No added sugar or sweeteners.

This product consists of only natural and carefully selected ingredients. It is fully vegan, does not contain milk or lactose, and its high fiber content helps regulate the digestive system.

Strawberries are a source of vitamin C and B vitamins. Chokeberry, thanks to its antioxidant content, protects us against the negative effects of free radicals. They also lower LDL cholesterol and protect against atherosclerosis. Chokeberry increases the sensitivity of cells to insulin, which slows down the secretion of sugar in the blood.

You will prepare a bowl in a few minutes! All you have to do is pour hot water over the ingredients and you can enjoy a tasty meal after a while. Regardless of whether you are looking for an idea for a quick and healthy breakfast or a holiday snack - Breakfast Bowl is a solution just for you!

Ingredients: oatmeal gluten-free, banana puree powder, dried strawberry, dried apple, strawberry juice powder, coconut cream powder, chokeberry juice powder, psyllium seeds, dried beetroot, strawberry puree powder, beetroot juice powder, blueberry juice powder, raspberry juice powder, plantago ovata seeds.

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