Diet & Training by Ann. Book by Anna Lewandowska

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Diet & Training by Ann. Book by Anna Lewandowska

A book that has never been seen before! Your personal lifestyle change plan. Comprehensive and effective!

We all know that health is the most important thing. After all, we would like to wish it all people we love. It is the basis of a happy life and with health we have a good frame of mind and strength to act.

A healthy lifestyle is based on a properly selected diet and proper training. It's simple, but where to start? How to eat healthy food? How to exercise? And the most difficult - how to persevere in the decisions? Book is a comprehensive plan to change lifestyle.

In Diet & Training by Ann you will find:

- comprehensive and balanced diet, it will be delicious,

- all you need to know about a healthy lifestyle, zero unnecessary information, 100% useful knowledge,

- diversified training sets that will give you joy and power,

- the necessary dose of motivation, because without it, do not move.

A healthy lifestyle is the best way to happiness, and proper diet, training and a good dose of motivation are indispensable elements of this path. 

Dimensions: 165 x 215 mm

Number of pages: 232

Cover: hard

Language: Polish

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