Best Self Basic. Book + 2 x DVD by Ewa Chodakowska

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Best Self Basic. Book + 2 x DVD by Ewa Chodakowska


Best Self Basic training programs:


- Basic Technique & Stability (Instructional Program):

is a program that will be perfect for people starting their adventure with physical activity, as well as for people who are already training, but want to work on their technique. Proper technique improves exercise efficiency.

- Basic Balance & Strengthening:

is a program that strengthens and slims the body, based on precise, calm movement and controlled breathing, it will result not only in a beautiful figure, but also in mental balance. The head will be calm and the body will be filled with long, slender and fit muscles.

- Basic Move (Cardio Training):

is the CARDIO program for beginners. Thanks to it, you can burn unnecessary calories, lose extra kilos and increase self-esteem.


With these training programs you can:


- learn the correct technique

- lose extra kilos,

- slim the figure,

- speed up metabolism,

- increase immunity,

- reduce stress,

- to like movement.

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