BeBio Massage candle EMBRACING Eucalyptus and Lemon

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Massage candle EMBRACING Eucalyptus and Lemon, of the polish brand BeBio - Smooth, soft and well-groomed skin!

Embracing is a 100% natural scented candle, which not only smells beautiful and gives a pleasant light, but also serves as an aromatic body massage. A candle is a unique combination of natural ingredients that will allow you to unwind after an eventful day, relax, improve sleep and well-being. Lemon has a toning and refreshing effect, and eucalyptus soothes and relaxes. The massage performed with them is a real detox for the body and an extraordinary feast for the senses.

The candle is hand-made from natural plant wax enriched with essential oils, it is perfect not only for the care of the skin of the hands or feet, but also the whole body. It is an original mixture of essential oils that fills the room with its fragrance, has a positive effect on our senses and improves psychophysical well-being. You can smell the candle safely and enjoy its scent in the company of our loved ones.

Advantages of Soy Candle EMBRACING:

- Vegetable wax burns up 3 times slower than paraffin and does not smoke. A specially selected cotton wick burns the candle with an even, bright flame. This, in combination with specially selected fragrance compositions, has a soothing, calming and relaxing effect.

- Melted, warm wax can be applied to the body during massage. Perfectly improves the glide and additionally leaves a velvety coating on the skin. After a candle massage, the skin is visibly softened and moisturized, and the massage makes the muscles relaxed and the body relaxed.

- Regularly used on the body, it supports the protective functions of the skin and protects the hydro-lipid coat against water loss from the epidermis.

Additional information about the candle:

- burning temperature of 40°C gives high efficiency, the candle burns for about 40 hours.

- biodegradable product

- wicks made of cotton

- vegan product

- dermatologically tested

Directions for use:

For the candle to burn long and beautifully, the first burning should last about 3 hours to avoid tunneling (wax on the glass walls).

After extinguishing and before lighting it again, cut the wick and remove any black residue from it so that it does not stain the candle, then you can apply warm wax to the skin.

After making the oil from the wax, scoop up the oil with your fingers, avoiding the flame, and massage it into the desired part of the body

Glass candle packaging and ECO-tube can be used at your own discretion. Utility glass may come into contact with food and is intended for multiple use.

Hydrogenated vegetable oil, Salvia Hispanica Seed Oil, Parfum, Cinanamal, Eugenol.

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