BeBio Fit & Sweet book by Ewa Chodakowska

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BeBio Fit & Sweet book by Ewa Chodakowska, Marta Kielak


This book was created to sweeten your everyday life!

Can't you imagine life without sweet pleasures?

Relax, neither do we!

Does a healthy diet mean restrictions, stress and frustration?

None of these things!

Preparing homemade desserts is difficult and time-consuming?

A box again!

Fit and Sweet is a unique culinary book thanks to which:

- you will get rid of the habit of using sugar and reaching for processed sweets,

- you will learn how to prepare healthy desserts from available and natural products,

- you will smile more often!

In the book you will find recipes:

- Gluten-free,

- Without milk,

- No eggs,

- Vegan

- For active people

Each recipe is labelled with the group to which it falls.

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