ALLNUTRITION NUTLOVE - Salty Nuts Sweet Paprica and Chili Mix 200g

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NUTLOVE - Salty Nuts Sweet Paprica and Chili Mix 200g, of the polish brand ALLNUTRITION - Nuts in a unique spice!

NUTLOVE Salty Nuts Sweet Paprica and Chili are crunchy cashews and almonds dipped in a unique blend of spices. Thanks to the mixture of sweet peppers and chili, the peanuts gain a characteristic, unmistakable taste and aroma.

Almonds, which are hidden under the "shell", contain many valuable nutrients for the body, they are a rich source of protein and "good" unsaturated fatty acids. Almonds, in addition to a large dose of carbohydrates, also provide vitamins B3 and E, as well as potassium.

Cashew nuts are primarily a source of vitamin B6, but also potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc.

Recommended intake:

You can use them in many different ways. Whenever you feel like a delicious snack. As an addition to the flavor of salads and desserts. You can also add to muesli, porridge or natural yoghurt. Of course, they taste best directly from the box.

Ingredients: cashew nuts 57%, roasted almonds 31%, chicory root fiber, spice mixture (pepper, salt, chili pepper, onion, annual pepper, garlic, flavor, pepper extract, spices, acidity regulator: citric acid).

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