Alkmie TOUGH LOVE Massage brush with natural agave bristles

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TOUGH LOVE Massage brush with natural agave bristles, of the polish brand Alkmie - Restore skin glow and energy!

Natural and vegan dry massage brush made of cactus tampico agave hair, combined with beech wood and black webbing handle. When used systematically, it brings great and visible results. First of all, brushing reduces cellulite and callous epidermis, improves lymph flow and thus supports the body's detoxification processes. Regular use improves skin elasticity and tension.

Who is the massage brush TOUGH LOVE recommended to?

- Everyone who loves home SPA rituals.

- People who want to improve the firmness and quality of the skin.

- Looking for a tampico cactus brush.

- Vegans and vegetarians, but not only!

Directions for use:

Start the massage from the feet towards the groin, then work your way up to the upper parts to end the movement under the armpits.

1. First, make a movement from the toes to the ankle - repeat it about 5-15 times.

2. Take an upward movement from the ankle to the knee, repeating it 5-15 times. Work out your calf, band by band.

3. Move upwards from knees to groin, repeating it 5-15 times. Work your thigh strand by strand.

4. Next, put the brush against the middle of the abdomen and point it up towards the armpit. Work out the right half of the abdomen in such a way that the upward movement ends under the right armpit, and the left side of the abdomen ends up in the left armpit. Work your entire belly strand by strand repeating each movement 5-15 times.

5. Then brush the neckline with a brush, placing it against the collarbone, pointing it towards the armpit. Like the belly, divide the décolletage into two halves. Work the right half of the neckline in such a way that the movement ends under the right armpit, and the left half under the left armpit.

6. Then proceed to massaging the hands and hands. You start by brushing your hands 5-15 times, from the tip of the fingers to the wrists.

7. Then go to the forearm, also working it out with movements facing up, repeating 5-15 movements. Apply the brush strand by strand to work out the entire forearm.

8. Finally, guide the brush from elbow to shoulder. Make 5-15 movements, working out the entire space band by band.

9. You can also massage your back with someone's help by making movements from the bottom of your back to the top, completing the movement under your armpits.

Brush care:

It's best to use a mild shampoo to clean the bristles. Leave the brush to dry in an airy place, with the bristles facing down. Do not leave a wet brush in a warm and humid room. With frequent soaking of the brush with water, small gaps may appear on the wooden handle. As the brush is made of natural wood, this reaction is completely normal.

Ingredients: natural cactus tampico agave bristles, beech wood, webbing belt.

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